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#10595922 Jan 29, 2015 at 05:02 PM
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First, it’s a who; not a what.

Erastil” is a fictional deity, in a fictional pantheon, of the fictional world, “Golarion” in the pen & paper roleplaying game, “Pathfinder”, which itself is an OGL offshoot of an older (arguably better) edition of D&D.

Before you doze off, this is not a brainy, obnoxious guild, so I’ll keep the history lesson brief.

Pathfinder Online will be situated in a region of Golarion known as the “River Kingdoms”. It’ll rely on the established Pathfinder lore, but gameplay will likely not be even remotely close to pen & paper.

Incidentally I just liked the write-up on Erastil (he’s not a d-ck), his worshippers would fit the game’s locale, plus it provides our guild with a tidy, memorable acronym (AoE). :D
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