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Should our guild agree to the pact's terms?

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Here is a draft non-aggression pact put forth and being considered by our allies. Read it over and vote. If you dislike some portion of it, post a follow-up citing the concern in this thread. Thanks.

Free Highlanders Non-Aggression Pact

This simple document's intent is to spell out a friendly agreement between four entities (and their respective Companies) of the River Kingdoms for a Pact and Pledge of Non-Aggression between the Signatories. At this time, it will include the following Entities and their constituent Companies: Blackfeather Keep, Forgeholm, Ozem's Vigil, Talonguard.

All Signatories are in agreement with and will faithfully uphold the following principles:

In General:

1. No Signatory of this Agreement will initiate combat or aggression abroad or on developed territory with any other Signatory.

2. No Signatory will lend aid, participate with, or offer safe haven to any outside actor in an aggression toward any other Signatory of this Agreement.

During the War of Towers:

The following are to define situations incurred if the number of Signatories grows to a point that they become needed.

1. No Signatory will take or hold one of the "six border towers" of any other Signatory without explicit agreement of the "border tower's" Signatory owner.

2. No Signatory will interfere with or contest with any other Signatory in the matter of tower possession or acquisition beyond the above. In the unlikely event of two Signatories arriving at the same tower, the first to begin the "timer" claims the tower.

3. No Signatory will offer information to any outside actors that aids those actors in contesting towers with any other Signatory.

Dispute Resolution:

In the event of an altercation between Signatories, all parties agree to meet and discuss the matter before escalation and retaliation. Pursuing an event beyond the "immediate" with further violence is undesirable and unproductive.

Signed in Faith and With True Intent:
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