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#9773676 Jul 20, 2014 at 05:35 PM · Edited over 3 years ago
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I created this guild largely so good friends could occasionally get together, have a few laughs, with the understanding that RL obligations [always] trump video games.

Sadly folks (mostly outside of our guild) have been blowing up my inbox here and on Paizo…proposing trade alliances, negotiating truces, bad-mouthing other guilds, attempting to orchestrate subterfuge, etc.--all between guilds and places that don’t even exist yet.

I cannot underscore the emphasis on my words ‘looking for casual players’ enough, from our guild bio …so dealing with the unfolding dramas is forcing me to exercise a huge amount of personal restraint.

Anyway, I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm…admittedly don’t understand all of it. Let’s get a finished product before everyone goes batshit, OK?

Sleepus Deprivaxx, Level 1, Human Dad / Projectile Vomit Slayer

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